3D scanning and modeling

Representing the world in 3 dimensions

GEOSAT has been mastering the laser scanner technology (LiDAR) for more than 15 years. The LiDAR reproduces with very high precision the geometrical data of a given environment.
Thanks to a multidisciplinary team made up of surveyors, architects and engineers, GEOSAT works for many players of the real-estate industry. From point clouds collected in the field, we are able to process and evaluate 3D digital data in order to respond to the demands of our customers

3D scanning

A 3D laser scanner is acquires and digitizes data of a physical object. Using a laser beam, it records up to one million geo-referenced points per second. The successive assembly of the acquired point clouds serves to reproduce an ultra-realistic 3D digital model of the scanned object.
By facilitating the production of dense, precise and reusable geometric data, the laser scanner has become our main tool for 3D measurement.
With one of the most important material parks in France, our company has concluded a strategic partnership with the laser scanner manufacturer FARO, which allows us to have privileged access to its developments and innovations.


2D floor plans

The interior surveys of buildings carried out by laser scanner 3D allow to extract 2D plans from the point cloud, thanks to DAO treatments.
GEOSAT realizes plans of interiors and architects plans allowing the extension or the rehabilitation of real estate complexes.
These plans can be used for the sale or rental of a property. They provide all the data necessary for the description of buildings and the calculation of areas.


BIM and architectural modeling

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides three-dimensional management of all geomatics data throughout the life cycle of the building

  • 3D Digital Geomatics data repository (database and information catalog) containing all relevant measurement information on a given construction project
  • Allows to design a digital model, updated in real time
  • A decision-making tool for engineers and architects to perfectly visualize the components and structure of a building including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical elements

3D modeling, interiors, sections

Thanks to the coupled and qualified use of 3D laser scanner technologies and servo-electronic tachometer measurements, GEOSAT realizes 3D modelings, interiors and sections.

We also realize interior plan, roofs, sections, cuts.We use digital softwares such as “Solidworks” or “Catia”.


Virtual visit

From the point cloud collected, we are able to organize a qualified operation of the 3D digital data.

Depending on the needs and expectations of our clients, our teams are able to create commercial movies in order to promote the architectural project.


For nearly 10 years, GEOSAT has been providing CAD and CAD training aimed at mastering the use of high-performance software tools and high-precision measuring instruments.

Our experience is solicited by leading names in the industry (EDF, Airbus, Renault …) and thanks to our training center recognized by the State services, we allow your employees to take part in a real professional experience.

Our instructors are equipped with the most well-known calibration and measurement equipment (Faro, Leica, Trimble, Spectra …) and allow us to share with you an experience as close as possible to your expectations.

Our trainers are also able to carry out audits missions in order to prescribe with you a program of optimization of uses and integration of new tools and new methods in your business processes and software as for example, Autocad, Recap and Revit (Autodesk), Microstation (Bentley), Rhino3D (McNeel) and Solidworks (Dassault Systemes Soli dWorks Corporation)