Mastering your land development

The land surveyor is the expert in charge of the measurement and mapping of our surrounding environment using mathematics, specialised technology and equipment. As a technical and legal expert, he works both upstream and downstream of construction in order to provide an advisory role in the management of space and heritage. It works for public bodies as well as for businesses and individuals.

Consulting, land surveys, demarcation and judical expertise


The purpose of demarcation is to define contradictorily existing and future property boundaries. After agreement of both parties, a report is drawn up by our land surveyor. This work and the resulting legal operations allow us to:
• make up your parcels
• lead the implementation of alignment plans
• guarantee the actual area of ​​your cadastral parcels
• draft the servitude agreements necessary for the management of your real estate

Judicial expertise

Our land surveyors carry out judicial expertise missions for the Court of Appeal:
• Informal expertise, usually for information purposes, to prevent disputes
• Judicial expertise, responding to a court decision, it has legal force.

Cadastral division

This operation is necessary during a regularization, an assignment or a division of cadastral parcels.
We are able to carry out any operation of cutting or modifying the cadastral plot by writing the surveying documents (or DMPC) specific to your Land situation.


Topography and cartography

Land survey

The topographic plan is necessary to represent the terrain, its boundaries, the exterior hold of its buildings, its relief and the surroundings, including the public equipment elements: road network, network and various.
It allows to know the altitude of all the characteristic points of the terrain, the general relief and the altitude of all the existing networks.

Geomatics processing

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide an ideal response to the acquisition, manipulation and cross-management of table data with cartographic elements (Local Urban Plan or PLU, wetland, forest hazard, etc.). …). They allow to manage on a macro scale a huge database of information by providing a synthetic display.
In order to allow our customers to conduct a detailed and thorough analysis of topographical and cartographic information acquired and acquired in the field, we have developed an IT expertise allowing personalized processing and delivery of classified data in GIS format, directly integrable in the software tools of our customers.

Noise study

In collaboration with the design office GAMBA ACOUSTIQUE we realize noise maps to monitor the evolutions of sound emissions. It is an identification of all sources of noise in an area (airports, railways, highways, industries classified as environmental protection) and sources of noise mitigation (noise walls, buildings, elements Geological, etc.).


Project management and infrastructure works

Thanks to its legal and field experience, GEOSAT provides technical and economic assistance to the contracting authority and the prime contractor.

Our urban plannings and subdivisions are systematically reflected to respect the environment in which the project is positioned.

Our audit report makes it possible to adapt the works to the land environment: new or existing construction work, change of destination, creation of parking lots, installation of campgrounds, caravans, etc. And thus help our clients to obtain the appropriate administrative authorizations .

Alongside our topographical know-how, GEOSAT has developed since its inception a team of technicians specialized in roads and various networks.

We thus study, design and quantify “viability work” by designing the road project and calculations and passing of drinking water, sewerage and dry networks (Fiber, telephone cable, electricity , Public lighting, gas …).


Co-ownership, diagnostics, division by volume

GEOSAT carries out all the necessary operations for the organization and division of lots in a building. We provide all the documents that will be annexed to an authentic deed with a notary.

Modification de règlement de copropriété

The modification of the co-ownership rules of procedure of your building by a land surveyor is recommanded for the following operations: purchase of a common part, division of lots or their assembly, change of assignment of a property, privatization of common parts, retrocession Of a private part in common part …
GEOSAT accompanies you in your steps and realizes necessary modifications: interior plans, descriptions of the lots, distribution of loads.

Division into volumes

The division into volumes allows to set up the division in 3D volumes of an existing or future real estate, defining the various properties batch in three dimensions, the common equipment and the servitudes essential to manage the relations between the volumes.

Real Estate diagnosis

GEOSAT has all the skills and qualifications required to carry out the diagnosis required during a real estate transaction: General Technical Diagnosis (DTG), diagnosis of energy performance, Carrez Law Diagnosis, …


Bathymetry is the science of measuring depths and marine relief. It is used to determine the topography of the submerged soil. GEOSAT has the skills and technologies to realize bathymetric and 3D mappings geo-referenced in aquatic environment:
• topographic plans of lakes, lakes, rivers
• inspection and maintenance of civil engineering structures (foundations, locks, canals)
• photogrammetry
• digital terrain model
• usable in confined areas and difficult to access