Mapping the world on a large scale

Mobile Mapping System (MMS) is a very powerful technology allowing the acquisition of 3D data on a very large scale. It combines high-precision LiDAR sensors for data collection with GPS and Inertial Measurement Units (IMU). Its very varied applications make it possible to realize 3D models of cities or to map roads.

Smart City

The Smart City is the new way of governance set up to respond to the societal, technological and environmental challenges of the XXI century. Big data is at the heart of the strategy that Smart City must put in place to become efficient, sober energetic and attentive to its citizens.
As such, the 3D data collected by mobile mapping systems constitutes a high value basis for geographical information:

• Mapping networks
• Inventory urban furniture
• Modeling and simulating urban and transport projects
• Establish 2D / 3D drawings on a large scale and with high accuracy
• Supply GIS
• Complete cadastral bases


Road surveys

The laser scanner (LiDAR) allows the global acquisition of 3D data with topographic precision over long sections of road and motorway.
We thus quickly and efficiently realize inventories of road heritage:

• Signage – vertical and horizontal, traffic signals
• Equipment – candelabra, guardrails, pipes, fences, barriers
• Buildings – houses, buildings, bridges, tunnels
• Vegetation – trees, tree planting, hedges
• Survey of civil engineering structures
• Road Diagnostics
• Inspection of tunnels
• Normative verification of safety devices
• 3D inventory of anti-noise devices


Railway surveys

The mobile mapping system provides an exhaustive and precise knowledge of the railway environment and thus provides expert treatments for the operation on the network:

• Trajectory calculation
• Reference mapping for integrity implementation and traffic tracking
• Production of 4D thematic maps
• Detect interference and study templates
• Cylindrical view for tunnel inspection
• Calculation of gauge and elevation

The advantages of mobile mapping

• No inconvenience for road traffic
• Safety and better planning of maintenance interventions
• Cost reduction with 50% savings over traditional acquisition methods
• Modernization of infrastructures
• Comprehensive, multi-purpose and up-to-date geographic information
• Rapid response, performance and sustainable development


Our Mobile Mapping System

State-of-the-art equipment for the acquisition and processing of point clouds: the SITECO Road Scanner 4.
Capable of scanning while driving at a speed of 90km/h, it can intervene on all types of roads without hampering the traffic.
Equipped with two laser scanners and a set of latest-generation measuring instruments, our dynamic scanner enables the acquisition of nearly 1.1 million points per second with a centimeter accuracy. The resulting point cloud is dense and very homogeneous.